The Best Websites for Christian Grandparents on the Internet

Find the websites that will help you build into your grandkids’ spiritual lives.

Some websites all about grandparenting are written by some truly fabulous grandmas. They tell us how to make the most of the holidays, which books we should read to our grandkids, and how to thrive in the last half of our lives.

Sites from the parenting magazines will have a section on grandparenting, but they are directed to young parents with advice about how to handle their parents when they offend them (which is apparently a common occurrence).

But there are only a few websites that talk about being a godly grandparent who builds faith and a Christian worldview in our grandchildren. 

We’ve collected those Christian sites here to help you learn how to go beyond being a good grandparent to being a grandparent who helps your grandkids love and follow Jesus.

We’ve included one that doesn’t talk about Jesus, but has good information about dealing with the harder issues of grandparenting.

You’ll find information to help you lead your grandchildren spiritually at these places:

Legacy Coalition

The Legacy Coalition exists to raise up ministries that are committed to helping the 30 million Christian grandparents in the United States reach their 120 million grandchildren.

They are writing books, offering DVD small group curricula, and hosting a national conference in September with 35 satellite sites around the country.

Their materials will equip you to be an intentional grandparent, and they will help you launch a grandparenting ministry in your church.

See about attending the Legacy Grandparenting Summit at a site near you or learning more about their resources here:

Christian Grandparenting Network

ChristianGrandparentingNetwork offers resources for your church to teach intentional, godly grandparenting. 

They will come and do their seminar or conference at your church. And they have curriculum for you to do a Grand Camp for your family or a group of families around you.

The Christian Grandparenting Network also has a prayer ministry for grandparents. They’re turning Grandparents Day upside down and making it the Grandparents Day of Prayer. It’s not about us; it’s about praying for our grandchildren. Learn more about Grandparents Day of Prayer here.

They suggest two kinds of prayer groups for grandparents: 

Grandparents@Prayer groups meet to pray for an hour on an ongoing basis.

GrandJunction groups also meet for an hour of prayer for your grandchildren, but they meet for four weeks, then break until they meet again for another four weeks to cover another area of need for grandchildren. 

The co-directors of their prayer ministry have their own blogs and books. Learn more about them here:

Sherry Schumann

Sherry Schumann is the director of Prayer Ministries for the Christian Grandparenting Network.  She writes at about grandparenting and devotions.

She is an author and speaker who has written two books, including Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents.

Lillian Penner is the site for author Lillian Penner and her excellent book on praying for your grandchildren, Grandparenting With a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for your Grandchildren.

Lillian blogs from her book a couple of times a week with prompts to pray for your grandchildren. She is the Co-Prayer Director for the Christian Grandparenting Network.

Here are a couple of her articles:

Deborah Haddox

Deborah Haddox is also a co-coordinator of the Grandparents Day of Prayer. 

She is the author of books on prayer, connecting with God, and grandparenting. One of her books is Pray Powerful Prayers for your Grandchildren: A Handbook.

Learn more about Deborah and her work at

Gospel Shaped Family

The Gospel Shaped Family website is a community of family ministry leaders who work through parents and grandparents to shape the faith and worldview of children.

The blog features five family ministry leaders who write on parenting and grandparenting, discipleship and evangelism, children’s and family ministry, marriage, education, and worldview.

You’ll find information about upcoming conferences and about how you can bring one of the conferences to your church.

You can also get books by Josh Mulvihill, Cavin Harper, and Larry McCall on grandparenting, worldview and marriage, and the Legacy DVD series on Grandparenting.

Roots Kids Curriculum is free downloadable curriculum to use at church or in your family to teach core doctrines of the Christian faith. Roots Kids Worship goes with it.


Focus on the Family

If you search at Focus on the Family .com for grandparenting, you will find a nice archive of articles that are helpful and thorough, like:

See the rest of the articles here:

Grandkids Matter

This is the website for the National Association of Grandparenting founded by Dr. Ken Canfield. 

You’ll find articles on how to be a great grandparent: how to have better relationships, how to give your grandchildren a heritage, how to teach them what you know. His blog, and book, The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting, will help you be a force for good in your grandchild’s life.

Canfield talks very little about how to build faith in your grandchildren. So read to glean the good ideas and get advice on your situation, but remember that there is a blindspot.


“The second half of the motherhood journey” is the tagline for Teresa Bell Kindred’s blog on grandmothering.

You’ll get her charming take on life as a grandmother, ideas for living with flair, and perspective on some of life’s harder issues. The categories she covers are grandchildren, grandparents, recipes, travel, faith, health, and reading.

She is an author and speaker with a new book  for grandmothers,  The Faith-Filled Grandmother: Promises, Prayers, and Practical Advice for Today.

VeryWell Family

VeryWellFamily has a section for grandparents with articles that deal with the tougher issues of grandparenting. Wade past the ads, down the page, to the directory, and you’ll see articles like this:

These articles, and many more, on VeryWell Family will help you know how to build good relationships and will give you wisdom to avoid doing and saying things that will make relationships difficult in your extended family.

What’s Next?

You’ll notice that some of these websites send you to their conference for massive learning. Some equip you to pray. Many have books for you to read. Some teach you to start a grandparenting ministry or small group or a prayer group. Some help you learn a principle that will help you have better relationships with your adult kids and grandkids.

  • What are you looking for today? 
  • What do you want to take away?

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